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Summer retreat at PacherGut

A time-out in the Ulten Valley

Summer in the Ulten Valley smells of hay and freedom. With us, holidays feel wonderfully carefree. Not surprisingly, because what better place to relax than between pine forests and green meadows, mountain lakes and healing springs? From the PacherGut you can set out on beautiful walks and hikes and not

far away is the Stelvio National Park.


Mountain freedom

Hiking and walking in Ulten Valley, Pawigl and Lana

Goethe already said: "Only where you were walking, you have really been". So, pack your hiking rucksack and set off on your journey. In the Ulten Valley there are countless trails from the valley to the summit.

Immerse yourself in the sea of forests and mountains, discover new favourite places and switch off. It won't be boring at all, because nature here offers so many things worth seeing. Whether it's excursions, hikes, bike tours or sightseeing - we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Ulten Valley.


Farm summer

Holidays in and with nature in the Ulten Valley

A summer on a farm is very special. There you can fill up on the first rays of sunshine early in the morning, breathe the spicy mountain air and let the refreshing breeze carry you.

Herbalist Iris likes to share her knowledge about the world of plants in small workshops: smoking with local herbs and resins, cooking with wild herbs, boiling natural soaps, making creams and ointments ... Herbal walks are on the program as well.

Guests can also taste the diversity of nature in the farm's own products: herbal salts, wild herb salts and garden herbs fresh and dried and much more. 

Roland is a forester in the Stilfserjoch National Park. He likes to give tips for beautiful walks and tells stories about the game. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of nature.


Close to nature and sustainable

PacherGut is a place of retreat, far from light smog and traffic noise. Nothing but the soothing murmur of the stream, the spicy-smelling wood and the sun blinking into your room in the morning.

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