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Attractions up close

From the spa town of Merano to the Stelvio National Park in the Ulten Valley

Our PacherGut is a home for active guests who like mountains, hiking and nature as much as a stroll through the city, art and food culture. Every season has its own special charm here.

In 20 minutes, you are in the spa town of Merano or in the ski and hiking area Schwemmalm and in half an hour in the Stelvio National Park. The car-free Vigiljoch is not even 10 minutes away.


Sightseeing within 20 minutes

The spa town of Merano and Trauttmansdorff Castle

What would a holiday with us be without a trip to the nearby spa town of Merano?  In summer, its romantic promenades and the ancient arcade invite you to do some shopping. In winter there is the famous

Christmas market.

Not to forget the classics such as Trauttmansdorff Castle, where Empress Sissi spent her summer holidays. The romantic castle is surrounded by award-winning gardens. Here you will discover Mediterranean and Alpine plants on a whole twelve hectares. A blooming spectacle that you simply have to experience. Merano is only 20 minutes by car from the PacherGut. Other places of interest are the museums in the Ulten Valley, the Messner Mountain Museums, the Ötzi Museum ...


Wonders of nature

Between National Park and ancient larch trees 

If you walk through the world with open eyes, you will encounter magic everywhere. Especially in nature. In St. Gertraud, the last village of the most unspoilt Ulten Valley, the three oldest conifers in Europe stand at 1,425 metres above sea level, three ancient larch trees, now 850 years old and a UNESCO World Natural

Heritage Site.

A little further on is the Lahner Säge visitor centre. Here you can experience the cutting of tree trunks at the restored sawmill, grain milling and you can follow in the footsteps of deer, marmots and golden eagles together with foresters from the Ulten Valley.

On the Ulten Farm Trail you will get to know the rural culture of the Ulten Valley at close quarters. Here, wooden fences line the path and farmsteads with shingle roofs made of larch, weighted down with large stones. Keep your eyes open along the way and enjoy the little wonders of nature.

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